Laser Vein Removal

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Remove Unwanted Vein Blemishes

Vascular lesions and spider veins are very common cosmetic blemishes that appear on the face, legs, and hands. While some can be covered with makeup, many are difficult to conceal. Vascular lesions come in all shapes and sizes, and while they are unharmful, many people choose to remove them due to their unsightly appearance. Vascular lesions are typically a result of aging, low activity levels, genetics, and hormones.

During treatment, our ReSmooth laser sends a light beam through the skin and directly onto the unwanted vessel. The hemoglobin found in the blood is warmed significantly, causing the vessel to coagulate and collapse. No surrounding skin tissue is damaged during this procedure. Only the blood absorbs the laser light while the water in the surrounding skin does not. This ensures effective damage to the unwanted blood vessel while leaving the surrounding skin protected and unharmed.

Most clients will see significant results after just one treatment. For larger vessels like leg veins, clients may require a second or third treatment after a six-week waiting period. Depending on the size of the lesion, redness, bruising, and swelling may occur.

If you have unwanted vascular lesions that you wish to remove, call My Secret Spa in Carnegie, PA at (412) 848-5882 to schedule a free vascular lesion removal consultation. 

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