Acne Reduction


Treat Acne at Its Core

Acne is one of the most frequently treated skin disorders experienced by young teenagers and adults alike. However, creams, antibiotics, and other methods are either ineffective, invasive, or slow to produce results. Laser acne reduction at My Secret Spa delivers a safe and effective alternative to fight unwanted acne.

Our ReSmooth laser targets acne at its core, the sebaceous gland follicles. While most acne starts as non-inflammatory blackheads, it can turn into painful lumps due to an overproduction of oil. During treatment, our laser directs pulses of light energy directly onto the acne. The light energy is absorbed by porphyrins, compounds found inside of bacteria, and targets oils (sebum) that contribute to unwanted acne.

Altogether, the light calms down the sebaceous gland follicles and reduces the severity of acne’s appearance. Immediately following treatment, clients may experience temporary redness. This side effect will fade within the first couple of hours. Most clients require 3 to 5 treatments spaced one week apart for effective results. 

If you’re suffering from unwanted acne, come to My Secret Spa and see the clear improvement in acne reduction with our ReSmooth laser! Call our Carnegie, PA location at (412) 848-5882 to schedule a free acne reduction consultation. 

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