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Why go to a national chain or plastic surgeon's office for treatments? Come to My Secret Spa for a private treatment!


About Me & My Secret Spa

How I got started


Hi! My name is Heather and I am a Registered Nurse, Professional Electrologist & I have been certified at National Laser Institute in medical aesthetics for laser, advanced injectables & PRP. At the Berkowits School of Electrology in Forrest Hills, NY, I received both classroom instruction, as well as hands-on training. 

The reason I wanted to open My Secret Spa was because of the stigma that many of my clients felt coming to my public office. Many of them live in or near the area & are concerned that someone they know might see them. Others just don't want to be seen by anyone, period! What would be better than a semi-rural area that is only 1 1/2 miles from a major highway? Private but accessible.

My Secret Spa is still currently under renovations but close to completion, so I am open & offering electrolysis and massage therapy!!

PRP, Botox, laser hair reduction, laser tattoo removal and possibly laser skin rejuvenation, will be coming later.

What makes MSS different than other electrologists


The difference between My Secret Spa & public spas is that I don't have to rent my space, so my overhead is lower. What does that mean to you? Lower prices. This also applies to the prices of our laser, Botox and PRP services starting in August.

Also, since My Secret Spa has a small staff we will form a close relationship, which is difficult in a large, national chain or plastic surgeon's office. The technician who treats you the first time, will be the one who treats you every time. Meaning consistent treatments & results.

About Us


Jackie Hertzler

Jackie is available Monday through Thursday 5:30-9pm & Friday through Sunday 9am-3pm for all of your electrolysis and laser needs! Book online or call/text her direct 412-805-4369


Dominique Poncet

Dominique will be starting in August. She will be working Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 9am-2pm; Wednesday & Friday 9am-5pm, and Saturday 9am-3pm. Book online or call/text for an electrolysis or laser treatment with Dominique 412-916-5679

Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Services We Currently Offer



This is the type of electrolysis in which a small electrical charge is applied to the blood supply of a hair with a fine probe inserted into the hair follicle. Results vary, but are permanent (free consultation for more information). 


This type of electrolysis combines Thermolysis with Galvonic. The client will hold a baton during the treatment to allow for a complete circuit during the application of the electrical charge to the blood supply. With this treatment, lye is produced & remains in the follicle. Results still vary, but are permanent (free consultation for more information)

Services We Will Be Adding In August



This is hair reduction with a concentrated light that targets the color in the hair to complete the treatment. This means that the best client for laser use is someone with light skin & dark hair. But with new technology, our laser can target blond hair and adjust for clients with very dark complexions and hair! Still, though, lasers can't target the red in very red hair - I'm sorry. Also, it still takes multiple treatments to eliminate the majority of the hair. The first treatment isn't effective on all of the hair because the hair are in different growth phases. So it is very important to come back as soon as the hair come back to get all of the hair in early growth phase on the second treatment and maintain that schedule to get the best result within 4-8 treatments. Treatments on the face can be done every 20 days, and body treatments are done every 4-6 weeks when the hair returns (free consultation for more information). - Individual results may vary


A laser is used to break up the ink of the tattoo and then the client's own body takes away the tiny pieces. This takes several sessions (5-10 on average) but other factors can increase this number. Things like: is it a cover up of another tattoo? Was it done professionally? If not, what was used as ink? Do you have a good immune system? People with slower healing will take longer to see results or might have to wait longer between treatments to get better results. Where is the tattoo located? Tattoos in areas that don't move a lot, might take longer to see results. And it depends on the size of the tattoo, the whole tattoo might not be treatable in one session. A full-sleeve, for example, has to be separated into 4 areas & those areas area treated in 4 separate sessions spaced 2 weeks apart. We will first treat the outer upper arm, then the outer lower arm, then the inner upper arm and finish with the inner lower arm. The client then can return in 6-8 weeks after the last treatment to start the process again. This is done to avoid circumferential swelling that could result in numbness, tissue damage or compartment syndrome (free consultation for more information). - Individual results may vary


By using a specific type of laser, we are able to stimulate collagen production by your own dermal cells. This results in fuller, firmer skin which produces wrinkle reduction and more youthful skin appearance. It also targets the chromophores in your skin that give your skin an uneven appearance. After 3 treatments you'll be pleased. After 6, you'll look like a new person. And its not just for the face and décolletage! Do your hands or arms look 10 years older than you are? Let our laser fix that for you (free consultation for more information). - Individual results may vary


Through targeted treatment with a specialized laser handpiece of spider veins, up to 2mm wide, we can change the appearance of your legs in a matter of a few minutes. Tiny veins will probably respond to a single treatment, but larger veins will need at least 3 treatments. Also, do you have hemangiomas? Those strange, bright red "mole" like things. We can get rid of those, too! Depending on their size, it might take a few  treatments as well. "Gin Blossoms"? We can treat them, too!! (free consultation for more information). - Individual results may vary


Botulinum toxin or Botox causes relaxation of the muscles. By injecting a small amount into certain muscles of the face & neck, fine lines and even deeper wrinkles will disappear (free consultation for mor information).


PRP is a process in which a tube of blood is drawn from the client, spun down in a centrifuge to separate it into platelet poor plasma, PRP & red blood cells. The PRP is then drawn up and injected under the skin of the client where they need more collagen/fibrin. The result is firmer, younger-looking skin that will last a lot longer than fillers (free consultation for more information).

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My Secret Spa

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Hours are currently by appointment. I have opened up for business, but construction is not complete.

I thank you in advance for your patience while we complete our vision!